Make Your Sun Shine


November 9-13
St. Petersburg, Florida

Management Symposium Closing Plenary

Bringing Out the Leader in You

Becky Vasquez
Friday, November 13, 2015

By applying effective leadership and expertise in usability studies for projects such as the evaluation of the college’s portal, Becky evaluated factual evidence of how individuals were using the portal to guide the redesign project. Becky provides operational support and strategic direction of virtual services, eLearning, and business efficiencies for students at 130 worldwide campus locations in nine countries.

Becky will share 10 leadership strategies and real world examples. Whether you're currently in leadership or aspire to grow in your career, Becky's tips and techniques she's learned over several years will be presented. Both immediate take a ways and longer term leadership growth strategies will be explored in an interactive session, highlighting both the serious and humorous side of leadership.


Becky Vasquez has been Chief Information Officer for Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University since August 2014. Becky has been with the university for seventeen years in various technology leadership positions including the role of Chief Technology Officer for the Worldwide Campus.

Becky is responsible for the overall technology vision, mission and strategy for the university, as well as institutional research and strategic planning. She has almost two decades of experience in the field of information technology and has expertise in instructional technologies, enterprise computing, and research support. A service oriented technologist, Becky has become a champion for using systems effectively and effortlessly. She has been the thought leader for high level and innovative initiatives such as the learning management system, portal, and a one of a kind Embry-Riddle developed virtual crash investigation lab.

Becky has been a member of educational software corporation advisory boards and regularly participates in industry wide activities that support the community and advancement of technology in education. On behalf of the University and in recognition of EagleVision, the live virtual classroom; she received a "CIO 100 Award" from CIO Magazine in 2009.