SIGUCCS 50th Anniversary

SIGUCCS commemorated its 50th Anniversary in 2013 with a day of celebration on Wednesday, November 6 at the SIGUCCS 2013 Conference.

You can continue the celebration of SIGUCCS' existence by continuing to contribute to it with your memories and photos.

Learn about SIGUCCS and the people who made it the organization it is today. Read the tributes to Penny Crane, for whom SIGUCCS' Award for Distinguished Services is named. Learn about those who have been honored withthe Penny Crane Award for Distinguished Service, members of SIGUCCS' Hall of Fame, and volunteers who have served on the Board and on conference and symposium committees.

Share your memories of SIGUCCS and photos from conferences you attended, and help build a virtual museum!

Stay in touch with SIGUCCS colleagues!

Leila Lyons & Jack Esbin, co-chairs,
SIGUCCS 50th Anniversary Committee