Information for First Time Attendees

(Download "Networking: SIGUCCS and Your Professional and Personal Development" PDF 236kb)

Hi First Timers!

We want to welcome you to SIGUCCS. We know that during this conference you will meet new friends and colleagues from across the world, who face the same challenges as you and understand the day-to-day issues in higher education and technology. You will be amazed with the things you can learn and the friendships you make in a short three days.

Wendy Pearle and Beth Rugg are here to help you to navigate this conference. After attending her first SIGUCCS conference in 1997, Wendy experienced “enlightenment” and realized she was not alone. Beth is a relative newcomer, starting at SIGUCCS in 2003. Together they hope to help you make the most of your SIGUCCS experience.

For you, the conference begins on Sunday at the First Timers’ Session, where we’ll give you a big-picture overview of the conference and of SIGUCCS as an organization. This is also where we create an opportunity for you to meet and network with others. We encourage you to take full advantage of all that the conference has to offer, including the technical programs, the birds of a feather sessions, the hospitality suite and the socials. We hope that you will create your own networking adventures, that you meet new people, and Inspire Magical Outcomes. For lots of information and a good story, download "Networking: SIGUCCS and Your Professional and Personal Development" for some ideas. (To convey the tone of a technical paper, this paper is formatted in the formal proceedings style.)

Please remember, if you have any questions about the SIGUCCS or this conference, please feel free to contact either of us.

from Beth and Wendy

Contact Info

Wendy Pearle
Manager: ITS Project
Wilfrid Laurier University
AIM: wrpearle
519.884.0710 x2103
Beth Rugg
Manager, User Support Services
Ithaca College
AIM: elizabethrugg