SIGUCCS Fall 2007 Workshops

SIGUCCS half-day pre-conference Workshops offer participants the opportunity to focus intensively on a particular area of interest prior to the actual start of the conference. They present an opportunity to meet with peers interested in a specific topic, brainstorm with instructors, and learn about a specific area more in-depth. There is a separate fee charged for attending a pre-conference workshop.
Workshops are held on Sunday, October 07, 2007.


Sunday, October 07 Morning Workshops, 8:30 am - 12:00 pm  
  1. Time, Paper and Resource Management for Busy IT Professionals
    - Kerul Kassel
  2. Communicating (Marketing) IT Services to Your Campus
    - Roger Ashton and Karen Miller
  3. When It's Time to Step Up - Getting your Leadership Skills Ready
    - Lauri Sutch
  4. Introduction to Podcasting
    - Terris Wolff
Sunday, October 07 Afternoon Workshops  
  1. I'll take Creative Training for $600 please (1:00- 4:30)
    - Jeni McIntosh-Elkins and Karen McRitchie
  2. Project Management and Microsoft Project Basics (12:30 - 4:30)
    - Greg Hanek
  3. Microsoft VISTA/Office 2007 (1:00- 4:30)
    - Blain Barton
  4. What Color Are You (1:00- 4:30)
    - Karen Headlee

Workshop Details

Time, Paper, and Resource Management for Busy IT Professionals
Kerul Kassel, M.A.S.E., P.C.C.
Personal/Business Coach, Certified by the International Coach Federation
Feeling overloaded with paper, files, reading materials, emails, and project materials, and straining under and increasing workload?  Want to know how to be more productive yet less stressed?  This three hour workshop will cover how to get and stay organized at work, handle the mountains of email in your inbox, systems for increasing control of your workload and reducing stress, and getting things done on time without tearing your hair out.  Some learning points we’ll cover:

A recognized expert in personal management and productivity, Kerul Kassel works with executives, professionals, and business owners to address the important actions and decisions they’ve been putting off.  Kerul is an internationally recognized professional coach, author, speaker, and tele-class leader.  She’s certified through the International Coach Federation, the International Association of Coaches and other coaching organizations. Her clients are business owners, professionals, and executives, and she has worked with corporate organizations such as NASA, Sony, Hilton, and Volvo. Her expertise has been utilized and mentioned in many periodicals, and she was recently quoted in TIME magazine as a procrastination "nichepert".   Kerul can be reached at

Communicating IT Services to the Campus
Roger Ashton, Karen Miller
One of the challenges facing IT departments, whether large or small, is to market their services to the campus community.  As critical as IT is to business process, academics and administrators, often little effort is put into the IT communications to the campus.  You may want to “sell” a service to students or communicate a change to the email system; and it is important to take the time to communicate effectively.  Effective marketing and communication, includes change management techniques as well.  Whether you are designing a colorful brochure or composing an email message, join us for a session that will give you ideas and skills to successfully market IT to the campus community. 

When It's Time to Step Up - Getting Your Leadership Skills Ready
Laurie Sutch
Regardless of your position, there are times when you need to take - or are put into - leadership roles. Not all leaders are managers, and not all managers are leaders.  What kind of leader are you? What kind of leader would you like to be? In this interactive session, we'll discuss a strategy for leadership that you can employ in any setting. Participants will do both group and individual work to identify what skills they possess and ones they would like to improve. We will discuss why some leadership skills are more difficult to develop in certain environments and what might be done to overcome environmental barriers. We will put those skills to work in small groups exploring how leadership skills can be used in various situations.

Podcasting 101
Terris Wolff
Podcasting has become a popular tool for communicating and sharing information.  During this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to create several podcasts - audio, enhanced and video. After creating some content, participants will learn how to make the RSS feed (XML file) so that users can connect to, download, and listen to their podcast. The RSS feed not only will give users a link to the media file, but also to a web site that may include a blog or other entry. In addition to learning technical skills, there will be discussion which will focus on the issues of file hosting/storage, file size, bandwith needs for downloads, and similar infrastructre issues. There will be a brief overview of public podcast hosting sites for those who wish to try podcasting but may not have access to server space. This is an interactive session for those new to podcasting or for those who may want some hands-on experience in creating in podcasting tools.

“I’ll Take Creative Training for $600, Please.”
Jeni McIntosh-Elkins, Karen McRitchie
Have you ever attended a workshop, seminar, training, seemed to learn while you were in the room, yet couldn’t remember much about the session a month or two later?  Have you ever come across your training workbook while cleaning out your desk and realized that you hadn’t thought about that subject for months?  Often this is because the training, although informational, is not engaging for the participants.  Step outside your comfort zone and join us in creative training:

Project Management & Microsoft Project Basics
Greg Hanek

Managing a project can be difficult -- keeping track of the deliverables and the people who are supposed to get things done, all while staying within your budget and meeting your deadlines. Join us for a workshop that will introduce you to the basics of realistic project management so that you can better monitor tasks, resources and your budget. You will learn about timelines, project phases, juggling resources, setting deadlines, milestones, ways to monitor the status of your projects, and what to do if your project starts to fall behind. We will be using one of the more popular software programs for project management as our workshop tool, Microsoft Project. This will give you a chance to evaluate the usefulness and relevance of this tool for your own needs and give you ideas for what you might look for in other project management software programs. In addition to practical project management theory and processes, you will leave this four hour workshop knowing how to:

Microsoft VISTA/Office2007
Blain Barton, Senior IT Pro Evangelist - Microsoft TechNet
Have you ever heard the old cliché “hear it from the horse’s mouth”?  Well, we are going to do just that for Microsoft VISTA and Office 2007.  Come and join Blain Barton from Microsoft as he leads us through Microsoft’s new products.  This seminar will cover:

Three words to describe Blain? Driven. Enthusiastic. Busy. In 12 years at Microsoft, Blain has organized and delivered a wide array of educational programs. He's given over 400 live events and received six top presenter awards in the last several years. Blain has also worked on Worldwide OEM System Engineering, headed up the Visual Basic support team and created the MSSTART program, which introduces college, university and technical students to emerging Microsoft technologies.

What Color Is Your Personality And What Does This Mean in the Workplace?
Karen Headlee  University of Florida/IFAS
There are many forms of personality/communication style tests that are out there in the world, often using lots of code letters.  Are you an ABC? Or an XYZ?  It is often complicated and tedious to get the data and apply it to real life.   Real Colors® Personality Instrument is a simple, intuitive system for identifying the four temperaments (Blue, Gold, Green or Orange) common to all people. It provides users with an effective tool for understanding human behavior, for uncovering motivators specific to each temperament and for improving communication skills.
Once the team knows their “color”, interesting things take place…you may realize that that administrative assistant isn’t always bugging you to make your life miserable, but because he/she is a “gold,” they have to have details and order to function successfully.  As a manager, I may be a “green” which is more of an analytical type, but I know that my “blue” team member needs some extra care and warm fuzzies for successful interactions.  Real Colors® is a fun way to learn how to better “connect” in the workplace with supervisors, colleagues and team members and a great tool for everyone who has to work with people.

Karen Headlee is a faculty member of the University of Florida/IFAS and is currently the FCS (Family and Consumer Sciences) Extension Agent in Lee County.

She holds an undergraduate degree in Child Development and a graduate degree in Child Development/Family Studies from West Virginia University. Karen also holds a graduate certificate in Gerontology Studies from WVU. Karen is a Certified Real Colors Facilitator and has conducted over 15 workshops over the past year and a half.

Karen started her career with Extension in 1992 working part- time directing a Family Enrichment group working with adjudicated youth and their family members. She then went on to become a full-time 4-H Extension Agent in West Virginia. During her ten years in WV, Karen worked with 4-H groups and 4-H adult leaders in the county. Her focus is human development, temperament styles, family systems, grand-parenting/parenting skills and gerontology.