The technical program is the very spirit of the conference. With this year's theme, "Inspiring Magical Outcomes," we will share with each other the magic that we weave every day: successes, caveats, and even failures, using these to inspire and educate each other.

Conference offerings:

The conference presents you with many options: Pre-conference workshops (optional), two inspiring keynote speakers, a variety of technical presentations, an exciting poster showcase, and informal "Birds of a Feather" sessions.

Technical Presentations

Each SIGUCCS Fall Conference features two and a half days of technical presentations, the real heart of the conference. The technical program consists of over 100 paper and poster presentations on topics such as:

View the Technical Presentation schedule in PDF.

Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-conference workshops are half-day sessions that offer an in-depth focus on management, specific technical skills, or professional development. All pre-conference workshops are optional, require pre-registration and are not included in the conference registration fee. Before starting the registration process, please review the detailed pre-conference workshop information to make your selection, as desired.

Keynote Speakers

Two dynamic keynote speakers will appear at the 2007 Fall Conference:
Bob Clougherty, nationally recognized as an expert in e-Learning and Web Applications and James Hilton, national expert on information technology policy and an advocate for strong collaboration between academic and technology cultures in a university environment. We expect both talks to be relevant and dynamic and filled with new perspectives that will help us as we work towards "Inspiring Magical Outcomes."

Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions (BOFs)

Following the adage that "Birds of a Feather flock together", Birds-of-a- Feather sessions are informal opportunities for you and your colleagues to meet and discuss topics of common interest. BOF sign-up sheets will be available at the Conference Information area. You can create your own BOF or attend one that interests you.

Poster Exposition

SIGUCCS highlights a poster exposition at every fall conference. The Poster exposition is a 2-hour, walk-up event that allows people to share their campus experiences with colleagues on a one-to-one basis. As the name suggests, each person who is presenting in the event prepares a poster. Presenters illustrate their topic through a set of prepared materials attached to a poster board (provided) and via laptops/screens, handouts, or other visual or tactile methods. Their poster exhibitions explain their research or experience topic. Poster presentations state the problem, emphasizes the methods of approach, and address the solutions (completed or pending).

Contact Information

For further information, please contact one of this year's Program Chairs, Carol Rhodes or Lisa Brown, at