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Join us on March 20-22, 2005 in historic Charleston, South Carolina for CSMS 2005—the 32nd Computer Services Management Symposium of ACM's Special Interest Group on University and College Computing Services. This symposium attracts a blend of leaders in information technology from large universities as well as small colleges with a broad range of ideas, viewpoints, problems, and solutions.

Couple this with the unique format of the symposium - focused, facilitated discussion sessions along with outstanding daily keynote speakers - and you get a conference for anyone in IT leadership that provides an opportunity not found elsewhere. CSMS is large enough to bring together diverse views that will challenge your thoughts, but small enough to enable real discourse toward new solutions. The theme of CSMS 2005, "Sharing History--Transforming IT" epitomizes this collegial event where IT staff from new managers to veteran CIOs exchange lessons learned and come away with new thoughts and new ideas about the IT challenges before them.

The sessions will be organized into three program tracks that focus on areas of interest to those with IT leadership responsibilities in institutions of higher education, whether they be large universities or small colleges. These tracks are

*Leading People and Managing Resources
*Innovations in Services and Technology
*Policy, Planning and Partnerships

Who Should Participate?

Project Leaders
Team Leaders
IT staff who aspire to positions of leadership
Campus decision makers with IT responsibilities

Conference Events:

Pre-conference Executive Seminar
Keynote Speakers Each Day
Opening Reception
Presentations with Facilitated Discussion
"Birds of a Feather" Sessions
Hospitality Suite
Networking with friends and peers

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March 20-22, 2005
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