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Testimonials from the 2007 Symposium Evaluations

  • This conference was very successful in providing for a lot discussion and interaction among those in the audience.

  • All of these speakers were high quality - good information, engaging, interesting.

  • I'll be back. Thanks much - great job!

  • The best part is  the opportunity to get together with colleagues and talk about common problems and experiences. The conference program provides a good opportunity for identifying others concerned with some of the same problems as we are, and a starting point with people I haven't met before.

  • It refueled me. Hearing some new ideas, and visiting old ideas with new twists.

  • The conference committee and attendees were very welcoming to the first timers.

  • This continues to be a great conference, because it focuses on management. There are a lot of places to meet vendors and get technical sessions, but few that focus on the primary job of management.

  • The discussion that took place in each session. It was get to get new ideas, to share the pain on some issues and to meet people with whom you can keep in touch to exchange the information.

  • I really enjoyed being able to have opportunities to meet and dine with people - I knew no one and it was really great.

  • As always, the chance to renew old friendships and make new ones.

  • Congratulations to the conference committee! See you in Tucson!

  • I had a great time and learned a lot. I've started two new projects for my department because of what I had experienced and learned.



CSMS Conference

SIGUCCS logo SIGUCCS Management Symposium 2008
April 6-8, 2008
Tucson Marriott University Park

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