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The Before and After of IT Security

Les Lloyd, Rollins College

While more and more audit firms are asking schools for complex security policies and data risk assessments as they do with their business clients, colleges (especially private ones) have been slow to move forward in this area. It`s expensive, it`s time consuming and there`s a feeling that added security can and will change the openness of how a college needs to operate. This facilitated discussion will highlight steps we`ve taken at Rollins and invite participation on the topic from the audience.

Brice Bible, Ohio University

Ohio University experienced a series of significant security events in the Spring Quarter of 2006. These events were similar to those experienced in the recent past by other educational institutions. However, the investigation, findings, and immediate corrective actions left the information technology organization in a challenging leadership, staffing, and service delivery position. In spite of this, these steps and continued improvements during the following two years have been well received by the university community and arguably, produced one of the best IT recoveries in recent memory throughout US higher education.

The proposed presentation will discuss the processes taken to rebuild the Ohio University information technology organization including the role and benefit of consultants, leadership from the University administration and Board of Trustees, and the recruitment and hiring of a new University-wide Chief Information Officer. Results from the first two years of developing and implementing a strategic improvement framework, and the re-creation of a high-performing and unified IT workforce will also be discussed. The participants will learn the importance of establishing and committing to a unified vision and engaging the university community throughout the process.


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