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Who's on First? Identity Management Challenges and Possible Solutions

Ted Bross, Princeton University
Robert Haring-Smith, West Virginia University
Roy Gruver, Lehigh University

Maintaining the integrity of electronic identities is becoming increasingly difficult and yet increasingly important to the well being of our institutions. Having a system in place to manage this process helps to ensure the stability of the process and limit any potential liability. For the past five years, Identity Management has been listed by EDUCAUSE as one of the top four issues facing IT CIOs. Yet many institutions are just now attacking the problem in a systematic fashion.

Those doing so are finding that implementing identity management is as much a business and political challenge as it is a technical one. Password simplification will help sell the idea of identity management, but putting a system in place requires the coordinated and often substantial effort of offices throughout the university. Issues of data ownership, data quality, and business processes must be resolved to achieve the goal of effective identity management.
Nonetheless, ensuring that one has a well documented and supported identity management system is critical to the success of any IT management group in higher education.

Representatives from Princeton, West Virginia, and Lehigh universities will outline where they are in this process and lead a discussion on what other schools are doing in this area.



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