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Outsourcing - What Makes Sense?

Charles R. Willams, Benedictine University

The concepts of outsourcing and right sourcing are given great consideration in higher education. I will cite some reasons for outsourcing and some of the reasons for why it may not live up to its expectations. I will look at the history of one institution that decided to abandon its outsourcing decision. I will examine the consequences of the decision to move from an outsourced IT provider to an in-house staff.

I will raise questions with the audience regarding their opinions of outsourcing and right sourcing. I will ask for comments on successes and failures with regard to outsourcing. I will then compare the audience experience with my own. The primary conclusion that I have drawn for converting an outsourced IT department to an in house department is -- we should prepare the exit strategy for outsourcing at the time of contract negotiation.



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April 6-8, 2008
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