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Methods for Cultivating Partnerships with Faculty and Department Chairs

Michael White, The University of West Florida

Cultivating partnerships with faculty and department chairs remains a challenge for many IT support organizations. Faculty and department chairs can be approached from several angles, affording them the option to choose a method of communication best suited to their needs. For instance, annual face-to-face meetings with department chairs seem optimal for addressing the department`s strategic needs. Further, an annual faculty survey can be developed to solicit the faculty`s attitudes and opinions of IT services. Additionally, targeted surveys may be used to gather feedback on a specific event, such as just-in-time technology support provided in a classroom due to an equipment problem.

One goal of this spectrum of communication is to further develop and improve the teaching, learning, and research environment. Another goal is to foster and cultivate relationships with faculty and department chairs. Using an array of communication techniques ensures the great ideas and strategic needs of faculty and department chairs are clearly articulated to the IT support organizations.



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