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Establishing IT Project Priorities

Sharon Blanton, Portland State University
Kirk Kelly, Pima Community College
Barry Gillaspie, Pima Community College

Attendees will learn how Pima Community College organized 260 IT projects, streamlined the process by which projects are submitted, reduced the amount of time that is spent in a reactive mode, improved communications within the IT department, and created a transparent process that keeps clients apprised of IT project status. At the heart of this activity is a sophisticated yet low cost project prioritization and reporting tool built in Apex.

The tool is easily adapted to other institutions as is evident from the Portland State University portion of the session. The presenters will describe the process, issues, and tips for success. Participants will be encouraged to share their experience and suggestions.

Auxillery Documentation

PMO Project Prioritization (xls)
Functional Specification PMO Tool v0.4 (doc)
OIT Project Portfolio Sample (ppt)
Project Management Processes (pdf)



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April 6-8, 2008
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