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Research and Reality - Perspective on Reorgs - New Managements and New Partners

Theresa S. Byrd, Ohio Wesleyan University

The Merged Organization: Is it Nimble and Strategic? Institutions decide on a merged organizational structure for a variety of reasons. Ohio Wesleyan University (OWU) is a merged library/IT organization. This session will highlight OWU’s organization and its new strategic plan. Learn about the impetus for creating merged organizations in both large as well as small institutions. Examine the role of the CIO within these units. Explore the various organizational models and the dimension of integration in such organizations. Gain an understanding of the strategic importance of structure in a merged versus an unmerged organization. Moreover, hear about the positives and negatives of merged organizations as well as the problems encountered in managing these units. Be challenged to debate the concept of the merged organization as a forward-thinking organization that allows an institution to improve service and respond to change on campus.

Jennifer McIntosh-Elkins, Valparaiso University
Dr. Dennis Trinkle, IHETS

Few challenges are as important to our economy as preparing the twenty-first century workforce. Valparaiso University has developed an innovative program to prepare graduates for high level careers by combining technological training with the training of soft skill sets. This program includes not only technical training sessions but also sessions on teamwork, time management, and other soft skills to provide a well rounded student upon graduation. The IT Fellows program provides our students with a one year training session before entering into year long internships that provide hands-on learning, classroom learning and mentoring experiences. They work hand in hand with full time staff in the field and have access to a variety of resources. The result is that our students will graduate from college with the equivalency of 5 years working experience and will be prepared for the changing environment that lies ahead of them. Valpo`s Information Technology Fellows Program provides students with the opportunity to link the traditional strengths of a Valpo education with the technology training and skills needed to succeed in an increasingly digital world. Students master a wide-range of technology and professional skills while filling on- and off-campus internships. Learn about this exciting program and what these students can do for you.



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