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Executive Seminar Speaker: Robyn Render

Robyn RenderRender, who joined the UNC General Administration in January 2000 as associate vice president for information resources, is now the Vice President for Information Resources and Chief Information Officer. In her time at UNC, Robyn has earned high marks from every major University constituency for her vast technical knowledge, her ability to work effectively with diverse groups and viewpoints, and her deep understanding of the growing potential of IT in teaching and learning. In her role, Render serves as the president's primary adviser on information technology. She oversees strategic planning and policy development for technologies that support the University's instructional, research and public service activities, and she works with IT officials on the 16 campuses to facilitate collaborative approaches to system-level technology issues. Render also works closely with the Board of Governors, the president and other senior staff members to develop University policies and programs, and serves as UNC's primary spokesperson on matters related to information technology. Render holds a master’s of arts degree in organizational management from the University of Phoenix and bachelors and associate of science degrees in information systems from the University of Cincinnati. Render has over 30 years of experience working in information technology positions in the private sector including A. T. & T. Communications and in higher education for large and small public universities.  Render is active in various regional and national professional organizations.  She has served as Chair of the EDUCAUSE Board of Directors and is a member of the Cary Academy Board of Directors and several local and national advisory boards.  She has written and spoken widely on technology and quality management in higher education and has consulted for other universities on the integration of technology in teaching and learning, strategies for implementing administrative systems and in creating effective IT organizations.

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