Management Symposium


Great conference -- the people are the key. Discussion makes this conference worthwhile.

Loved it all.

The symposium was a great place to meet people who really do the same thing you do. We all work in the IT field and for Universities throughout the US and Canada. It is nice to hear others talk about problems areas, that you may be experiencing, or for you to discuss resolutions that worked for your University. Great networking tool!

The format is the strength of this conference. Hearing people talk about something without any chance for substantive discussion is almost useless. This WASN`T the case here.

This was one of the best conferences that I have attended

It is probably the best conference I attend for networking with my colleagues.

I particularly liked the closing panel and the gathering of and answering of the written questions from the audience. It really helped to provide closure to the whole event.

Outstanding presenters and timely topics.

I found very interesting the summaries of the tracks presented at the final panel discussion.

When discussion was encouraged by the presenters, it was excellent.

I found everything I attended to be quite interesting with lively discussion.

It was great having sessions presented by fellow colleagues, as it facilitated conversation and networking at other times.

Sessions all went well, some were more interactive than others but all were well attended and had good discussion.

A lot of good insights and discussion.

As always the sessions were great! The SIGUCCS membership is truly the heartbeat of the organization and the key to the success of both the management symposium and the fall conference.

The tracks were put together with like ideas and that is a great plan. I wish we could make it to more than one Track. There is so much useful information it's hard to decide which one doesn`t get your attendance.

Topics were one's that we are all talking about.

Great end of session discussions.

Content of the track sessions was generally quite strong.

I felt all the speakers were terrific and knowledgeable.