Executive Seminar Speaker: Bruce Taggart

Understanding communications and developing good communication skills are critical for the effectiveness and success of IT leaders. This pre-symposium executive seminar is applicable to recently appointed IT directors and CIOs, as well as aspiring and experienced IT leaders. The seminar will lead you through interactive exercises for an exploration of your communication style, reflections of your unique traits and how your style may change as your career develops. The focus will be on various communication methodologies, distinctions between management and leadership, keys for good communication such as understanding and mastering the art of communication, accounting for individual communication styles, diagnoses of communication styles, and inter and intra organizational communication strategies. Various real-life case studies will be presented to demonstrate successful and problematic leadership scenarios and to highlight the importance of management, communication, and leadership. Ultimately, as a result of this seminar, you can expect a winning situation - for you, your colleagues, your institution, and beyond.

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