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SIGUCCS Spring '11
Management Symposium
April 10-13 2011
Philadelphia PA


Closing Keynote Speaker: Dr. Doug Gale

For more than 30 years Dr. Gale has been one of higher education's leading Information Technology visionaries having played key roles in the microcomputer revolution, the creation of both the Internet and Internet 2, and the subsequent deployment of higher education dark fiber networks.

In 1976 he begin building microcomputer based laboratory equipment for his physics laboratory and in 1980 went to Cornell to head a distributed computing effort and was part of the earliest efforts to integrate microcomputers into research and education. In 1986 he was the Principle Investigator for the first fully operational regional network on the NSFNET and can lay claim to being the world's first Internet Service Provider. In 1995 he was author the technical requirements document that led to Internet 2. Several years later, following the design of several regional dark fiber networks he worked with National Lambda Rail on advanced scientific applications of high performance networking and computing.

In 2005 he created an Internet History Archive dedicated to archiving information about the creation and evolution of the Internet; the archive now contains more than 100 hours of oral and video histories. That effort was formalized in 2010 with the creation of the non-profit Internet Legacy Institute in what may be a Quixote like effort to figure out what it all means.

Along the way he has served as the CIO at two research universities, a National Science Foundation Program Director (where he received the Director's Award for Program Officer Excellence), a tenured faculty member in physics and computer science, the head of a state higher education network, board member of national organizations such as FARNET, CoREN, CREN, CAUSE, UCAID, MINDS, the Common Solutions Group, and The Quilt, and has received more than 8 million dollars in external research grants. Gale has been a prolific author with more than 100 publications. He and his spouse of 45 years reside in Big Sky Montana where they enjoy hiking, cross country skiing, and ballroom dancing.

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