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SIGUCCS Spring '11
Management Symposium
April 10-13 2011
Philadelphia PA


Tuesday Keynote

Keynote Speaker: Sheri Stahler

Title: Navigating the Maddening Crowds and Thickening Clouds

As leaders in our institutions, we continually examine ways to effectively leverage and deploy technology to enable and support education, research and business activities. There was a time when technology resources and decision-making were managed and controlled largely by information technology professionals. Times have changed. While still dealing with internal institutional forces, leaders are facing a growing challenge from external technology groundswells and emerging trends that require careful consideration. This discussion-based presentation will examine a variety of current groundswells, including cloud computing, crowdsourcing, and social media. The discussion will also explore ways in which technology leaders of the next decade can identify which of these emerging trends would be useful in the academy.

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