Post Service and Support Workshop

Freiday, November 8, 2013, 12:30 pm - 4:30 pm

A "More Better" Workplace: Improve the People, Team, and Morale in your Organization
Kirk Weisler, Chief Morale Officer, Team Dynamics, Inc.

Looking for ways to make your company culture a better place to work and play? If your work environment causes you to deal constantly with issues like disengagement, cynicism, sarcasm, negativity, burnout, toxicity, and apathy–and if sometimes you are even experiencing these yourself–this workshop is for you! You know your workplace can feel better, do better, and be better than it is right now. Come learn how you can take yourself and your organization to higher ground!

You'll leave this session with a very clear understanding of what workplace culture is and how to make it better by positively and powerfully influencing it with proven cultural best practices. Some of the principles we will practice include.

  • ENGAGEMENT BUILDER - Ground Hog Day – Escape from Punxsutawney – learn how to escape the doldrums of everyday sameness and re-awaken your people's passion for life.
  • ENERGY BUILER - How to Be and Become a more Positively Contagious Co-Worker & Leader because your example is affecting and infecting your world of work.
  • TRUST BUILDER -Why Trust is a Must and how to recover from when there's been a BUST
  • RELATIONSHIP BUILDER -Learn the Secret Combination to Effective Communication and how to have a Crucial Conversation
  • CULTURE BUILDER - We'll also explore the power of traditions, the use of stories, more meaningful recognition, inspiring versus requiring, "readership leadership," and creating a question-ABLE culture.

Key Takeaways:

  • You'll leave this session with a 52-week plan for improving your culture and workplace. Included in that plan will be several proven, published, and practical best practices for building culture.
  • You'll leave with a list of resources to keep you energized and focused on your journey.
  • You will know exactly what to do at your very next team meeting to motivate and inspire your coworkers to get going and get growing!

This is no "butts in seats" workshop–be prepared to move, groove, go and grow! Learning is better when learning is fun!

BIOGRAPHY: Chief Morale Officer Kirk Weisler is an expert at creating outrageously cool workplace cultures and high performance teams Years ago Kirk helped to create a corporate culture so rich in ownership spirit, engagement, measurable results that he was invited to share his approach first nationally, then internationally. He now travels around the world sharing everyday things leaders can do to positively influence, nurture, and build Super COOL cultures and high performance teams.

His unique background as a US Army Ranger, a member of the 19th Special Forces Chaplaincy, his work with At-Risk Youth and experience as a Master Storyteller & Team Builder make him a very fun, engaging, and sought after speaker. He authored the Best Smelling book, The Dog Poop Initiative and the semi–sweet best smeller, The Cookie Thief. Kirk lives in Atlanta with "Wonderful wife Rebecca and their five remarkable children!"